Access points

© Department for Environment and Heritage 2009 – used with permission

The Park is accessible via Lonsdale Highway and then into The Cove Road, Hallett Cove.

There are four main entrances to the Park with interpretive walking maps at each site.

They are located:

  1. North – either off South Avenue, then Second Avenue
  2. North – from the coastal walking trail
  3. East – intersection of Dutchman Drive and The Cove Road
  4. South – off Heron Way, where there are toilets, and a café that sells snacks and serves meals

For train travelers, the northern entrance is within easy walking distance from the Hallett Cove railway station, on the Seaford Line, and the southern entrance from the Hallett Cove Beach railway station. Trains depart from Adelaide railway station and Seaford Centre every 30 minutes.