Well-defined walking trails and boardwalks take visitors on a guided geological tour around the Park. You will need to allow about 1 hour for a 4 km walk around the Park. Because of the number of steps, the trails are generally not wheelchair accessible.  There is limited wheelchair access from the southern entrance near the café.

The geological trail is part of the Adelaide coastal walking trail section.

Because the Park extends to low water mark a rock platform and beach walk are options at low tide. If you are walking between June and October you may be fortunate enough to see sea lions basking or swimming close to the cliffs. Pods of dolphins can be seen cruising the coast almost daily.

Courtesy of the Geological Society of Australia (SA Division)

Other trails within the Park lead walkers on side tracks:

  • to and from the Sugarloaf;
  • from Black Cliff around the rim of Amphitheatre;
  • along Waterfall Creek or
  • through the grassy woodland.

There is a railway station at each end of the Park, and so you can enter from one and leave from the other.

All marine species and rocks are protected
and must not be removed or damaged.

Bikes, horses and dogs are not permitted in the Park.